Frank Russo Testifies About Jimmy Dimora's Four Priorities in Life


The warm-up acts have all come and gone. In the hallowed halls of the federal courthouse in Akron, we now welcome the main act to the stage in the Jimmy Dimora trial.

Yes, Frank Russo took the stand this morning, and this is what we've all been waiting for. Russo, who is staring down the barrel of a two decade-plus prison sentence right now, is looking to spill every bean in his little head for the Feds in hopes that his stay at Club Fed will be shortened.

There's bound to be an avalanche of entertainment as the former auditor talks, and talks, and talks, but one gem already fell from the disgraced Democrat's mouth.

Via 19 Action News:

When he was asked about Dimora's likes and dislikes, he listed four priorities. Dimora's backyard pool "the love of his life", expensive drinks "top shelf stuff", cash "he really liked cash" and pretty girls "prostitutes."

The love of his life. Not the prostitutes. Not his wife. Not his kids.

Who else can picture Big Jimmy going home tonight and sitting next to the pool while whispering sweet nothings into the water? Just us? OK.