Attorney general Dewine issues new presidential endorsment

Mike DeWine: Fair-weather friend?
  • Mike DeWine: Fair-weather friend?

Things are heating up in the Republican presidential primary here in Ohio, if you can say with a straight face that anything having to do with wimpy Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine generates heat.

DeWine, who had endorsed Mitt Romney in the presidential race, has withdrawn his endorsement and flipped to the Santorum side, perhaps drawn by the fact that Santorum has taken the lead in state polls.

Buzzfeed suggests,

Sources inside the Romney campaign said DeWine was upset that Romney was critical of Santorum's position on the felon voting bill, which is mentioned in an ad by Romney's Super PAC and was brought up in a debate last month. DeWine and Santorum were two of only three Republican Senators who voted for the bill.

Santorum’s position is that convicted felons who have served their time should have their voting rights restored — a position considered reasonable and useful in helping to reintegrate ex-felons into society by helping them feel they have a stake in it. Proving you can never overplay the Clinton scare card if you’re a Republican, Romney's ad said Santorum “joined Hillary Clinton to let convicted felons vote.”

This is DeWine’s third endorsement in this race; he previously endorsed Tim Pawlenty, who dropped out of the race in August. He endorsed Romney in October when Santorum was polling in last place. — Anastasia Pantsios