LeBron Liked Appletinis, and Other Important LeBron Dining News


During an important business meeting with Scene contributor and blogger extraordinaire Cleveland Frowns last weekend, we happened to strike up a conversation with a former waitress at XO. That W. 6th hot spot, you might remember, was one of LeBron James' favorite stomping grounds during his time in Cleveland.

The problem with having LeBron James as a regular patron, as we documented back in 2008 and as XO employees know, is that LeBron is known as what restaurant industry folks like to call a shitty fucking tipper. That's the technical term.

In addition to the reported $10 tip on an $800 bill, it was also whispered that one server had up and quit because of LeBron's antics, which included sticking around til 3 or 4 in the morning with his hangers-on, keeping the staff late as they waited for LeBron to find pennies in his pocket to leave on the table.

The former XO waitress added some new details, all gleefully mundane but awesome. Thankfully, we're intrepid reporters and we dutifully jotted them down on bar napkins, which also had nacho cheese stains on them, so it was really hard to read what we wrote.