Akron Judge Found in State of "Undress" With Public Defender in Backseat of Parked Car, Denies Relationship (Updated)

Judge Joy Malek Oldfield
  • Judge Joy Malek Oldfield

Update II: A jury Thursday found public defender Catherine Loya guilty on a misdemeanor charge of having physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

But that's not what the fun part of this case was. You remember, right? Oldfield was caught in the back of a car with Judge Joy Malek Oldfield engaging in some backseat lovin'. A cop discovered them, and his report became the basis for a salacious little scandal.

Well, Patrolman Thomas Ballinger testified during the one-day trial, and he went into salacious detail, which is all the jury needed. (And probably wanted.)

Via the ABJ:

Judge Joy Malek Oldfield was in the back seat of a small SUV parked outside a Ridgewood Road strip mall at 1:45 a.m.

Ballinger said that as he walked closer to the vehicle, the women moved with haste.

“I looked in the car and [Oldfield], the person I observed with her legs bent and laying with her back against the back seat, pulled her pants up from mid thigh and pulled down her blouse,” Ballinger told jurors.


He determined the car occupants were “parkers,” a phrase police use for people who stop to park and talk or make out, he said. He then maneuvered his car and turned his spotlight on the vehicle and saw a head-popping motion, the judge fixing her clothes and both women moving to the front.

A "head-popping motion"? Details, Ballinger. More details. — Grzegorek


Update: Copley police have released a report on the arresting officer's account of the night he arrested a public defender on DUI charges after he found her and an Akron judge inebriated and in a "state of undress" in the backseat of a car.