Ohio Man Pulled Over Twice in One Hour for Driving With a Suspended License


It's illegal and wrong to drive with a suspended license. That being said, more than a few unlicensed wayfarers travel our roads each day with fingers crossed, hoping to make it to their destination and back without drawing the attention of Johnnie Law.

Of course, some are not so lucky.

Ryan Williams, a 40-year-old Sandusky man is one example. He was nabbed Friday for driving under suspension when cops pulled him over for wheeling about without headlights, according to the Sandusky Register.

But the cops, they weren't that bad. In fact, once they handed over the ticket, they helped Williams push his Mustang into a parking lot before he walked home.

End of story, right? He got caught, car is stuck, oh well.

Not so fast. This unlicensed driver has balls of steel. Or a complete lack of short-term memory. One or the other.