Reasons to Like Kyrie Irving Even More Than You Already Do


The latest issue of SI comes with a fresh story on Kyrie Irving.

You thought you liked the former Duke standout and prohibitive Rookie of the Year favorite before? There's even more reason to once you delve into the Sports Illustrated piece.

No groundbreaking news here, but among our favorite tidbits:

The Cavaliers will take the garish numbers, but they also appreciate Irving's modest gestures. He showed up to his introductory press conference with an entourage of one, his dad. He moved into a downtown apartment instead of a suburban mansion. The first thing he bought with his new contract was a pair of dress socks. "They were kind of expensive," Irving says. "Big-boy purchase." He goes out for dinner with rookie forward Tristan Thompson, drafted three spots after him, but they avoid VIP rooms. "We don't feel entitled," Thompson says. The day after the Cavs beat Boston, the fourth-grade class at Center Elementary School in Mayfield Heights stopped by the team's practice facility for a fitness program, and Irving joined in with a pink jump rope. When the event was over, he stuck around and played one-on-eight with the kids, exchanging G-rated trash talk. A club official finally had to remind him the Celtics were back in town the next day. "You wouldn't know he's the Number 1 pick," says guard Anthony Parker. "I think that's what this organization likes most."

He's also doing his rookie duty of schlepping for donuts before every shootaround, which would make Delonte proud.