Kansas "Church" Group Gives Chardon More Grief


The Chardon High School tragedy is still acutely painful for the families and friends of the victims and for the community as a whole. The first funeral, for Daniel Parmertor, will be held tomorrow morning and funerals are no time to be worrying about extraneous nonsense. Unfortunately for Chardon, they've had to worry.

Earlier this week nut jobs from members of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist "Church" announced via Twitter their intentions to picket the young man's funeral service. For those not familiar with this relatively small congregation, these are the people who have made headlines by protesting military funerals and services for other high-profile individuals while holding signs and shouting something about how "God Hates Fags."

This "Church" makes a point of celebrating any untimely death because it believes that tragedies such as Chardon's are God's punishment for the U.S. being so lax in anti-gay matters. To be clear, these idiots people are delighted when something like this happens.

No one can be sure the Westboro group will actually show up but whether they do or not, it's certainly causing an additional headache. In response to news that there may be anti-gay protesting, a Facebook event was created to recruit folks to form a wall of separation of sorts, between the Westboro contingent and those paying their respects.

The problem? As of now, close to 2,000 people say they intend to be in Chardon tomorrow to help shield the mourners from the Westboro Baptists.

Chardon Police, who are well aware of both plans, did not return Scene's calls today. They've been too busy.