Local Jazz Act Nathan-Paul & the Admirables Releases a New Single

Courtesy of Rope-a-Dope Records
Following last year's summer tour with Moon Hooch, the terrific local jazz/funk/rock act Nathan-Paul & the Admirables discovered a new stripped down way to play that includes only bass, drums and horns.

The reconfigured band has just released a new single, “Catch Me if You Can.” It features solos that show off band members' musical chops.

"We were on tour last year with Moon Hooch, and our guitar player wasn’t able to finish the shows. He was our only chordal player, so we were left with two horns, bass and drums — no chords," says band leader Nathan-Paul when asked about how the song came to fruition. "It was quite the transformation in sound, so free and surprisingly full. We all compensated to make up for the lack of guitar and this music had been heavily chord based. We went into the studio right after and captured that sound. It’s free and open sounding like Ornette Coleman’s music, but it grooves like rock and funk music. It's one of my favorite accidents!"

A full-length album will arrive in the fall. Nathan-Paul will open for soul/jazz singer Kandace Springs on Tuesday, Feb. 19, at the Music Box Supper Club, and the full band will perform on Saturday, March 9, at Blu Jazz+ in Akron.