Robert Griffin III Glad He's Not Heading to Cleveland, Says Redskins GM, Says Redskins Fan

Colts got better hair anyway . . . you feel us on that one, right?
  • Colt's got better hair anyway . . . you feel us on that one, right?

Robert Griffin III, the quarterback prospect that single-handedly powered the rusty engine of hope sitting inside most Brown's fans, is going to the Washington Redskins.

We know — you already knew this. But this week down in Texas, RGIII was reportedly meeting with the team's front office big wigs, powwows that took place at local watering holes in Waco. On Washington fan site ExtremesSkins, poster “Lone Star Skin Fan” claims he glommed some bar stool insights from the team's general manager Bruce Allen, including a supposed peek under RGIII's helmet at his mindset walking into the draft.

[Allen] talked about how excited they are about RG3 and how Griffin is glad it wasn't Cleveland that moved up to number 2. After a few more minutes of friendly banter with myself and the group I was with ( who were all Cowboys fans but were VERY cordial in welcoming him there) he excused himself to make another phone call.

Well, who wanted him anyway . . .

(h/t Deadspin)