Video: 'No Surf in Cleveland'


We're obviously familiar with "No Surf in Cleveland," the late 70's song from the Euclid Beach Band (formed by two Scene staffers — Rich Reising and Jim Girard — don't ya know), but we hadn't seen this before: what looks to be a music video for the surf-pop Clevo phenomena. Yes, all the beach, Hawaiian shirts, bathing suits, fabulous 70's attire, and sandside guitar strumming you could ask for.

It's part of the archived footage from Channel 5 embedded below, and it's awesome. There's also a few interviews with the principals about the kitschy tune that took the shores of Lake Erie by storm — the single sold out quickly, 10,000 copies flying out the door after the band said the money would go to charity — and assorted clips of DJs spinning the record.