Video: Tossing Softballs from Terminal Tower is a Poor Publicity Stunt


Man, there's something about cuing up old TV footage on a Monday morning that just nudges everything into historical perspective. The minimalist décor, weird clothing, unscripted awkwardness – it all makes for a glorious Delorean ride that either leaves you appreciative of our ADD-what-now news coverage today or nostalgic for the times when a walking corpse like Ted Stepien could claim a chunk of airtime with inexplicable arm candy bizarrely in tow.

Newsnet5 has unearthed this piece of gold from their achieves featuring the former Cavs owner, a man who holds down select real estate on local hate lists for pissing all over the team in his tenure and famously cutting loose Joe Tait.

But in this 1980 broadcast, Stepien came under fire for a stranger insult to the public weal.