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New to DVD this week

A Streetcar Named Desire:

The Original Restored Version


Back in 1951, the Legion of Decency had a few problems with A Streetcar Named Desire — especially the simmering sexuality between Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh, who plays a sex-starved drunk who comes on to her sister's husband. So three minutes were cut from director Elia Kazan's terrific adaptation of Tennessee Williams' masterwork. The movie's Blu-ray debut reinstates those scenes and adds a bunch of extras, including an absorbing documentary on the controversy. Pour yourself a cool one and slip into something more comfortable for the ride.

The Darkest Hour (Summit)

If the end of the world looks anything like the city-razing destruction caused by aliens in Battle Los Angeles, Skyline, and this forgettable movie, we say bring it on. Especially if it means no more crap like this.

Into the Abyss (MPI)

Werner Herzog's profile of a death-row inmate gets around to all the right questions and issues. What it doesn't really have is answers, which makes this documentary as frustrating as it is fascinating.

The Iron Lady (Weinstein/Anchor Bay)

Meryl Streep won an Oscar for her performance as Margaret Thatcher in this dull biopic about the reviled British prime minister. Streep is good, but the movie dwells on the most mundane parts of Thatcher's life.