The Browns Will Draft Somebody Next Week


There are a bunch of guys the Browns will consider drafting next week. They will actually draft a few of those guys. Others, they will not. Sources have told us as much.

The interminable space between the end of the NFL regular season and the draft is time for interminable draft talk in Cleveland. With the frequency and urgency with which it's discussed, we have little recourse but to skip the Sports page most days and tune into WDOK 102.1 instead of our favorite sports stations.

Anyway, the clouds will clear in about ten days and the sunshiny beam of a fresh face in a fresh Browns uniform will give way to a whole other interminable discussion wherein fans rake the front office over the coals for absolutely picking the wrong freaking guy.

SI's Peter King has this update in today's Monday Morning Quarterback: What will the Browns do at No. 4? They will draft somebody!

Then, Cleveland. I heard different things over the weekend from people I trust. GM Tom Heckert loves Blackmon and that would be his pick; president Mike Holmgren is still trying to decide with finality if Tannehill is the franchise quarterback worth taking here. The safest pick? Richardson, at a need position, even though receiver is a bigger need.

Lordy, can we just skip ahead to next Thursday already?