Former Bengal On Trial for Babysitter Sex


Down south in Cincinnati, former Bengal Nate Webster is sweating through the opening moves of a criminal trial for allegedly having sex with his 15-year-old babysitter. The former NFLer isn't denying the illicit interaction went down, just that the girl was at the time in question 16 – Ohio's age of consent – despite admitting otherwise to police. Right now lawyers for both sides are duking it out over the age, and all types of sordid details are dropping out in the process.

According to the Enquirer, the unnamed girl worked for Webster in 2009, when the Bengal was 31. The prosecution alleges Webster knew the girl as far back as when she was ten. The relationship between the two ran a predictably classy course, with Webster employing the girl, plying her with booze and weed, then embarking on a series of sexual trysts behind the tinted glass of his car.

The girl eventually told her parents. Police got involved: they outfitted the now-victim with a wire, and in the subsequently recorded conversation – the prosecution's main courtroom artillery – Webster admits the two had sex when she was only 15. When police played Webster the tape, he confessed.