Jim Brown Says Jim Brown Things


Hall of Fame Browns running back Jim Brown might be the best football player to ever play the game. Off the field, he's more of a mixed bag, though. A mixed bag of misogyny, violence, arrests, and a mouth that won't stop.

Case in point: Jim Brown Running His Mouth, Part 763, courtesy of his interview with ESPN Radio as the NFL draft gets closer by the hour. Pro Football Talk has the money quotes. Jim Brown isn't impressed by anyone, just so you know.

“I’m not overwhelmed with it,” Brown said of the idea that the Browns could take Richardson. “The problem is that he’s ordinary. I think he’s ordinary.”

Asked what about him is ordinary, Brown said, “the size, the speed, his moves.”

Asked if any running backs in this year’s draft impress him, Brown said, “Not really. It’s not a good year, obviously.”

“When I watch football today I see a game of quarterbacks,” Brown said. “Protecting quarterbacks, throwing the ball, short passes, long passes, all kinds of passes.”

Green passes, blue passes, backward passes, passes over that woman with a bruised eye on the ground, passy passes...