Ohio's Worst BMV is in Cleveland


Intrepid PD reporter John Horton, he of Road Rant notoriety, did the intrepid first-hand reporter thing and trekked over to the BMV over on E. 55th St. to see for himself — and for you — how long it takes you do a license plate renewal. You might say hey, he's just using this as an excuse to take care of some personal business on company time, but those are the perks you get when you're Road Rant. (He also gets to point out missing road signs for a living, which is another perk.)

Anyway, Horton was at the E. 55th BMV because that location was once again rated the worst BMV in the state of Ohio, a title it also held in 2008 and 2009. The verdict came via comment cards that rated the office "last in promptness, courtesy, efficiency, appearance and cleanliness."

So, heads up, don't go there.

Stay tuned for more from Horton's work in the PD, including: Can I Hit Every Green Light On the Way to the Dry Cleaner?; Is There Adequate Signage on My Drive From Home to the Bank?; How Long Does it Take to Get to the Nearest Gyro Restaurant?; and Can I Get My Oil Changed on the Clock And Have the Paper Pay for It?