Ohio Puts Booze on Sale


Been putting off that trip to the liquor store to stock up on bacon-flavored vodka? Let this be your reminder to get there soon.

Ohio has just listed 60 varieties of booze — all of them vodkas — that are on sale to clear out inventory and phase out brands collecting dust on shelves. Among the discounted items: Cleveland’s own Paramount Vanilla, regularly priced at $11.05, can be yours now for only $6.80. Then there’s Prairie Organic Kosher vodka, slashed from $19.15 to $13.30. And bacon vodka can be part of a nutritious breakfast for just $20.80, down from $26.15.

The rollback marks a shift in the flavored-vodka trend that saw the rise of spirits that once seemed like a good idea — bubble gum! — but that mostly failed to score with the coveted demographic of drinker over the age of 19.

“In the past, we’ve periodically discounted items like this,” says Matt Mullins, spokesman for the Ohio Division of Liquor Control. “Typically it’s selections from the entire inventory, but it’s a more systematic approach now. We’re looking at the whole category — vodka — to see what’s not moving, to reduce inventory, and to make room for new products.”

In some cases, just one size of a brand is on sale. In others, it’s the entire lot — meaning once the state sells out, it’s gone forever, so that valuable shelf space might be freed up to accommodate exciting new varieties of booze. Which is to say, a new round of flavored vodkas.

“That seems to be the trend right now,” says Mullins.