Bust: A Review


Busted: Lauren Weedman knows the feeling all too well. In her solo show, playing a limited engagement this weekend at the Cleveland Play House’s New Ground Festival, that feeling reverberates throughout a hilarious and affecting 100 minutes.

Weedman’s tale is set around two seemingly unrelated autobiographical stories: her work as a volunteer advocate in a Southern California women’s prison, and her experience of writing a Glamour magazine story about fabricating a rape claim as a college co-ed.

It’s easy for an audience to relate to the busted feelings and the experiences Weedman shares via 20-plus characters: showing up late for an important appointment and being called out for it; revealing too much information when it’s not appropriate; dealing with a situation that you signed up for that quickly spins out of control; trying to help another human being, and seeing that plan go to pot; and making up a huge lie and getting caught — the consequences of which reverberate for a long time.