Austin Radio Producer Breaks Akron Grad's Fist-Pumping Record


It's been less than a week since James Peterson set the Guinness World Record for Jersey-style fist pumping in Akron, and the record has already fallen. Nooooooooooooooooooooo. Can't Akron have just one thing, world? Just one thing?

Ray, a producer on "The Bobby Bones Show" in Austin set the new record — 17 hours and 15 minutes — Monday and Tuesday this week to take the new crown, which we imagine is a statue of Snooki or something.

“My arm hurts, but it was awesome!" he told Austin 360.

There's video of him — without a shirt on, of course — breaking the record over at the link above.

No word on if he used superglue, but it doesn't look like it.