NPR Celebrates a Revitalized Downtown Cleveland


WCPN's story on downtown Cleveland's ongoing revival got picked up by NPR's Morning Edition and blasted all over the nation to ears that probably aren't as familiar with the uptick in development in the Forest City as those who live and work and play and panhandle in it.

The general gist is one you could guess: with the convention center, casino, hotels, the Flats East Bank project, E. 4th, and more and more places to eat delicious sandwiches (the most important leading economic indicator that we can think of), a flood of companies and new residents are leading the reverse migration and calling downtown home.

Click on over to listen to the report, which centers on Brand Muscle, a company that had called Beachwood its home for 11 years before deciding to relocate its headquarters downtown, and the employees there who were on waitlists for E. 4th apartments.

Cleveland: It's a pretty good place to live.