Mugshot of the Day: Marker Mustaches


Grabbing the Sharpie and doodling on your passed-out friend at a party seems like a good idea. Hell, it's a damn fine idea. Juvenile, but whatever. We all go through stages. Just know he's going to have to deal with the repercussions afterward, which involve washing it all off at the very least, and probably explaining his face art in the meantime.

If that explanation happens that night, and he's still drunk, and he's in a car, and he just caused a four-car accident, and the person listening to the explanation is a cop... well, then things have gotten out of hand.

The picture above is of 21-year-old Christopher Gerhart and his temporary mustache. NewsNet5 says the Grafton man plowed into a stopped car at a red light and set off a mini chain reaction accident, sending two people in the hospital. (They seem to be fine, according to reports.) Gerhart blew a 0.189 around 7 a.m. when the crash happened.

The report said Gerhart later admitted that he was at a party near the college and had passed out – and his friends had apparently drawn all over him with markers.

“Officer could observe that a mustache had been drawn on Gerhart’s face and several words had been drawn on his left arm and several on his upper body as well. Gerhart also advised that ‘Nobody would give me a f———g ride home,’” the report stated.