A Reader Sounds Off on Guns

Gun Judgement

I've read your article ["How to Shoot Up Your Neighborhood"] in the June 6-12 Scene magazine. Regarding the Treyvon Martin case: Let that sad situation be tried in a court of law and not in the media. I understand that he was killed with a gun but the underlying issue in the case is really about race. As the media so frequently points out, he could've been killed with a hammer or a knife.

I understand the point in your article but I felt that it vilified gun owners like myself — a ccw holder who knows that in public that I have a duty to retreat. I felt that the Castle Doctrine helped empower people to defend themselves. I feel strongly about this because I've had a family member sexually assaulted and unable to call 911 from the house.

Had she been armed, would it have made a difference? I don't know, but I do know it would've given her a fighting chance. Now that she is deceased we will never know.

I believe if a citizen was considering arming themselves to please get educated, know the laws, and know that your firearm doesn't give you the right to walk down dark alleys or in bad neighborhoods. Common sense and good judgement is in short supply these days, so if a person is going to carry a gun in public, set an a higher example and be an ambassador to your belief. Make your own choices.

By the way, I own several hoodies. I just don't wear them in the heat, like in South Florida. On the flip side, I don't follow people wearing hoodies either. Again, choices and common sense.

Thomas Delacruz