Man Tries to Pay Cab Fare in Weed


The initial temptation when this post from Fairlawn-Bath Patch beamed over the internets was to pounce on Jacob Bruckner, the mohawked passenger who could only shimmy $15 out of his pockets in the face of a $24 cab fare and tried to pass off some weed on the driver to make up the difference.

But you know what? The cabbie deserves some scorn here, too. It was only because he dialed up the cops to narc on 38-year-old Bruckner that this even became an issue. He could have simply grabbed the green and gone, whether he dabbled in the ganj or not. Why ruin someone's delightful day of mohawked smoking in a Holiday Inn hotel on the account of a measly $9 and some ill-advised grass bribery?

Anyway, the details from Patch:

When officers arrived, Bruckner admitted offering the driver weed to pay is fare. When asked about the $9 he still owed the driver, Bruckner forked over $5 and said that was all he had, according to the report.

Officers told the driver to call his management about prosecution.

Officers charged Bruckner with drug abuse.