Concert Review: Sleigh Bells at House of Blues


Brevity can be a good thing. While Sleigh Bells only played for about an hour last night at the House of Blues, the Brooklyn, New York-based band left more of an impression than many bands that play twice as long. The group, which had previously only played the much smaller Grog Shop (something singer Alexis Krauss acknowledged during the show when she mentioned those performances and thanked the city for showing “so much love” in the past), clearly benefitted from the larger stage, even if it meant that Krauss was a bit further away from her adoring fans. In fact, at least twice during the show, she leaned to the edge of the stage and then did an old-fashioned stage dive, asking patrons to “be nice” as she let them toss her around like a rag doll until bouncers could pluck her out of the pit and bring her back onto the stage.