Salerno's Plans for W. 25th Grow Thanks to Recent Purchase


In February we reported that Fabio Salerno, the chef and owner of Lago, Gusto, Grotto and now Reddstone, had acquired one of the few vacant spaces on W. 25th Street in Ohio City. Along with his business partners, Salerno was planning to invest $1 million or so to transform the former Blooms (1909 W. 25th St.) space into Town Hall.

Recent events will adjust but not radically alter those plans, says Salerno. His group recently purchased the adjacent space (1917 W. 25th St.), which since early 2011 had been home to Alaturka, a Turkish restaurant.

"That wasn't in the plans," Salerno explains. "The original footprint that we had, we were stuffing everything into a very narrow box. When it became available, we were able to increase our footprint. I got to build the kitchen the way I needed to build it, and it gave us more room for the dining aspect of restaurant."

As for the concept, Salerno describes it as an all-organic, fast-casual eatery — not a regular sit-down establishment. Think healthy, fresh food like rice bowls and veggie burgers.

"This will be more of a lifestyle center than a restaurant or bar," he adds. "Something Cleveland hasn't seen before. I am trying to be conscious of what I feed my family and this restaurant is going to be how I would want my family to eat. I'm excited about it."

The change in plans will cause a minor delay in the opening, which is now estimated to be 90 to 100 days out.