“You Don't Know Your Ass from a Fucking Hole in the Ground,” Erie County Pol Tells Reporter

Well, we kind of disagree.
  • Well, we kind of disagree.

Here at Scene, we're not adverse to a four-letter word in the appropriate context. Shit, we love it. But everything has its proper arena, and when you're a politician talking to a reporter, regardless of how steamed you get, and especially if you're leaving a voice mail, you need to keep it civil.

Why? Not for decorum's sake, but because a smart reporter is going to turn around and post that fucking shit on the internet ASAP.

Which is exactly what the Sandusky Register did when former Erie County Auditor Tom Paul called up reporter Andy Ouriel about a story that ran this weekend. Supposedly the pol thought he was inaccurately portrayed in the article, and the Register went to lengths to try and understand what Paul was taking issue with in his original message. But Paul never got back in touch with Ouriel or his editor. Instead, all we have is the message.

And a great message it is (listen after the jump). Some choice cuts:

“If you knew what the fuck you were talking about, you would have just fucking called me about it, Andy.”


“You don't know your ass from a fucking hole in the ground.”

Vivid stuff. At some point Paul, seems to slam the breaks brakes a bit, apologizing for his outburst and dropping back down into an indoor-voice. But he does sign off by referring to the reporter as “you shithead.”