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Readers sound off on Lakewood bars and more

Child's Play

Just moved to Lakewood three weeks ago and I have already hit about 10 different spots. Although I appreciate his initiative and support his cause ["One Man's Mission to Drink in Every Lakewood Bar;" Scene & Heard blog, July 18], I do not find this story compelling. One bar per week? At that rate I'll complete his task months before he even clears Madison.


We See What You Did There

I am worried this guy will accidentally send himself to the hospital due to the extreme physical strain involved with hitting one bar per week. Give this guy an "Iron Man" award! SeekTruth

Ignorance is Delicious

I work at McDonald's and have for a year. I don't know about Burger King, but we only have one manager in the store on some nights, and they can't always be on the floor; they have work in the office too. ["4Chan Catches Burger King Employee Who Took Pictures of Himself Standing on Food;" Scene & Heard blog, July 19]. If someone does something like that in the back and I'm working up front, is it really fair for me to be fired? I'd have no clue that ever happened.

Austin-Rutherford Gerold Garrison

Safety by Hermit

And there you have it, folks: Always remove the GPS data from your pictures before posting them. And use your own kitchen; it's the only way to know what you eat and how it was prepared. Alfred

A Burger in Every Belly

Whoever wrote this article on Nature's Bin needs a real education on how to report and should be fired.McDonald's employs hundreds of thousands of people. ["Old Lakewood McDonald's to Become Nature's Bin Addition;" Scene & Heard blog, May 23]. They are not the bad people here. It is people like the reporter who are the problem in this country. I am thankful in this economy that they purchased the old theater site. It is tax revenue for the city and employment for the people.

Jonathan Pavlus