CD Review: Rebekah Jean

Love May Be Real but It Ain't Enough


"This is what it looks like when I break your heart," Rebekah Jean sings on her debut album. The Burton-based singer-songwriter's direct but plaintive country heart features plenty of traditional melodic and lyrical lines like that. Her conversational tone goes all the way back to Kitty Wells, but that doesn't excuse Jean from her occasionally corny moments (the lullaby-like "Best You Could Do" contains several of them). Love May Be Real but It Ain't Enough's sexy and spare production leaves most of the heavy lifting to the star, who sings better than many of her peers. We're guessing she'll get more detailed and possibly even sonically adventurous over time. But for now, her music is fitting of an artist who lists "the nursing home" and "15-passenger vans" among Bread and the Guess Who as musical influences. — Dan Weiss