'We're Old and Still Painting' — Don't Miss One-Night Only 'Geriatric Mayhem' Exhibition at the Grog Shop This Thursday

Photo courtesy of Art from the Eye

If the word geriatric connotes a bunch of geezers sitting about playing canasta, bocce ball or chess in the park, then geriatric mayhem must be the high speed, punk rock version. Imagine the Foo Fighters video for “Run” where our elders break out of the assisted living facility to wreak havoc among the masses accompanied by Dave Grohl’s grog throated vocals. If you can, then you have an idea of what’s to come this Thursday at BSIDE and the Grog Shop.

Russ Seligman of Art from the Eye and Staci McNasty of McNasty Productions have wrangled a group of artists for their latest curatorial opus titled “Geriatric Mayhem,” which will be on display for one night only.

“I came up with the name because the last time most of us showed together was at Dave Desimone’s gallery,” informs McNasty. “Most of us have been doing shows together since the late 90s. We’re old and still painting,” she adds with a chuckle. Low Life Gallery was the name of the auspicious space that had a great run and had exhibited many artists that may not have had a spotlight if it weren’t for Desimone.

The roster is imposing and includes such talent as the mighty Scott Pickering, Retro/Active photographer Hadley K. Conner, superhero Derek Hess, Clay Parker, Dana Depew, The Eckles Sisters, along with new luminaries Elizabeth Adams, Justin Brennan and many others,

According to Seligman, “Most of the artists are from the (original) Mayhem lineup, with a few others added to the relevance of today’s art scene. The title is in homage for the Mayhem crew. And the 10th anniversary from the last Mayhem show!”

Seligman and McNasty will also have artwork featured in the exhibition. “I started that painting (pictured) at the one year anniversary of my mom’s passing,” explains McNasty. “It’s her face from a high school photo; the plant in the back is called Belladonna, which is poisonous. She died from smoking, lung and heart failure. The third eye is symbolic to this year. I learned a lot. It’s hard to explain, but my whole world changed; my whole perspective on everything.”

During the promotion of the show, the organizers have been revealing samples of the participating artists’ past works, but promises that the artworks in “Geriatric Mayhem” will be new and exciting.

Adding to the mayhem will be music by We Live By Night, Grievance Committee, Blind Archer, Kung Fu Bob-DJ, DJ Grandbag and SquareBiz.

“Geriatric Mayhem” is one night only, Thursday, May 16, starting at 7 P.M. at The Grog Shop/BSIDE Lounge, www.grogshop.gs.

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