CD Review: The Great Hum

A Good Enough Time for Change


The Great Hum sound mature and refined on their debut album. But that shouldn't be a big surprise, since the Kent-based trio aren't exactly newcomers. Between the three of them, they've played in at least five other bands over the years. A Good Enough Time for Change mixes things up, from the straight-up rock of "Up to This" to "Seaworthy"'s folksy twang. Mark Watt's voice recalls the somewhat acquired taste of They Might Be Giants' John Linnell, but it's a little less nasally and generally easier to get into. On the downside, the last three songs on the album clock in at nearly seven minutes each, and they're kind of a drag. The record could have used some sequencing to make it feel more balanced, but it's still a pretty promising initial effort. — Ben Gifford