Fox 8 Got Fooled by a Meat Loaf Impersonator in Kent


Fox 8 scored a nice little story Tuesday when they stumbled upon evidence a rare celebrity sighting in Kent. Turns out Meat Loaf was in town for the Kent State Folk Festival. Hey, it's Meat Loaf, you guys!

You'd think he'd have better things to do with his time, but there he was, taking pictures with fans, shaking hands, and being Meat Loaf, which, judging by the pictures posted by the Water Street Tavern, meant looking vaguely like death.

Except it wasn't Meat Loaf. Whoops. The story got pulled, but thankfully screengrabs were made for posterity.

Meat Loaf himself chimed in on his Facebook page just to clear everything up.

To everyone in Kent, OH
Some of you have very kindly sent me thank you's for being at the bar this weekend and for having my picture taken with you. Fox news online even ran a story on my surprise appearance!
I've seen the pictures and you all look great!
However, you were all had......whoever is with you all WAS NOT ME!!!
I'm still on set shooting Stage Fright and we're nowhere near there!
Here's a shot of my view right now, Ohio it is not!
Sorry guys!!! I hate to see my fans fooled like this but I thank you all for the love the ensued anyway!

And in some house-cleaning business: We'd previously bestowed Fox 8 with a Best of Cleveland nod for newscasting last year. Dear Fox 8: We'll be by your offices to take back the trophy. And while we look like a younger, 16% more handsome Ryan Gosling, don't be fooled.

(Hat tip to Ohio Media Watch and these guys.)