Cleveland Lands on List of Best Cities for College Students


Although Cleveland isn't really known as a college town, we may be on our way to earning those stripes.

For the first time ever, the city has landed a spot on the American Institute for Economic Research's College Destination Index, according to Newsnet5. Now, seeing how the city hasn't opened up any new colleges or universities, we're guessing the new data is a reflection of a change in the choices of students.

The ranking is based on rigorous analysis: hard data is mined; population trends are put under the microscope; the dollar-draft bars to head shops ratio is determined through mathematical formulas. In the end, Cleveland was ranked 12th our of 75 in the mid-sized college town range.

Census bureau data, academic environment, quality of life, which includes cost of living, arts and leisure and city accessibility, professional opportunities and eight others were factored into the 2012-2013 academic year rankings.

Topping the mid-size metros list is San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif. Cincinnati Middletown also made the list, coming in at number 17.