Strongsville High School Teacher Custodian Caught with Gun, Kill-List (Updated)


Update: Although it was initially reported the school employee was a teacher (see below), the Strongsville high threat seems to have come from a custodian. Stay tuned for more information. Teacher


It's not hard to believe teaching high school is a tough gig. Not only are you under-paid and -appreciated by society at-large, but you have to deal with kids at their biological worst, before they've kick-started the more sophisticated emotions like empathy and understanding, and instead are pretty much in a constant Hobbsian state of primal hormonal upheaval.


Most school employees probably have a lot of weekend ways to cope with the stress of a difficult work environment. Some probably fish, hit the weights, smoke the drugs. But numbering among the proper responses is not making a kill-list and hauling around a handgun — which seems to be what one local high school custodian has done.

According to 19ActionNews,
police were called to Strongesville Strongsville high school last Friday. The call said an employee at the school had a gun in his car and a list of targets. By the time police arrived on scene, the suspect was gone. Otherwise, details are in short supply. From the station: