Let there be Light


It’s official. Alan Glazen, along Randy and Linda Kelly, his talented partners from ABC/XYZ Tavern and Ontario Café, have signed a lease to take the reins of the bar and bocce courts at the Slovenian Workmen’s Home on Waterloo Rd. This exciting move signals another beam of light for “Operation Light Switch,” Glazen’s development vision for the north Collinwood neighborhood. Glazen clearly understands the high risks associated with the effort, and has chosen to lead by example. The bar and bocce courts at the Slovenian Workmen’s Home will be his third property in the neighborhood. One property housed the former Fontina’s, a small lunch and breakfast joint on East 156th St. that will reopen in two weeks as Chloe’s Kitchen and Diner. In an effort to bring Chloe’s to life, Glazen is utilizing a private funding mechanism. “I chose to create a private grant, not a loan for Chloe’s,” he says. This type of development allows Glazen to not only control the real estate, but cultivate concepts that complement the Waterloo District. Just as interesting as his development strategy are the menu plans at the Slovenian Workmen’s Home. The culinary wizards of ABC/XYZ and Ontario Café are poised not to disappoint. They are pumped to bring their style of food to Waterloo while not losing focus on Slovenian history and tradition. “This type of ethnic food is the foundation of neighborhood cooking, and we will take those traditional dishes and do them our way,” explains Glazen, who does not yet have a name for his newest venture. Looking for an opening in early April.