Band of the Week

Lowly, the Tree Ghost

Band of the week: Lowly, the Tree GhostMeet the Band:

Andrew Arbogast (vocals, guitars), Emily McKitrick (vocals, keyboards), Laura Simna (violin), Joe Piedmonte (bass), and Nick Evert (drums)

Room to Grow:

In 2009, Arbogast used some longtime friends and Craigslist postings to transform Lowly, the Tree Ghost from a one-man bedroom project into, he says, a "more inclusive lineup." With added instrumentation and vocals, a lively, rollicking folk band was born.

Furry Friends:

Lowly's lyrics fit firmly in the storyteller tradition of folk music, but the band often relies on animals as their songs' protagonists. "It's easier to explain the sad and happy situations in life using animals," says McKitrick. "It gives you a more lighthearted approach to your problems." Arbogast also hopes it gets listeners more involved, since they'll need to "seek the answer instead of knowing exactly what's going on."

Deep Thoughts:

The Cleveland group wants you to pay attention. They hope to create with their music what Simna calls "an atmosphere in which the listener can have their own understanding of the lyrics and find meaning within them."

Why You Should Hear Them:

By combining vivid, engrossing lyrics with a lush and wide-ranging take on Americana, Lowly, the Tree Ghost transport fans to a new headspace, one that borders fairy tales and county fairs.

Where Can You Hear Them:

– Matt Whelihan