Opening: A Haunted House

The fart jokes come fast and furious in A Haunted House, a satire aimed at Paranormal Activity. Marlon Wayans, who also wrote the script, stars as Malcolm, a bachelor who takes the plunge when he invites his girlfriend KIsha (Essence Atkins) to come live with him. Little does he realize, however, that she has had trouble with a particularly mean-spirited ghost who subsequently follows her into the house. Documenting everything that happens in his life with a video camera, Malcolm begins to shoot some of the paranormal activity and calls a Chip the Psychic (Nick Swardson) to the home and has Dan the Security Man (David Koechner) install video cameras. Chip is gay and can’t hide the fact that he has the hots for Malcolm and Dan is racist so their appearances are good for a few jokes. But they reappear again and again, telling the same tired jokes and wearing out their welcome. As the ghost becomes more and more violent (it has sex with Kisha and seduces Malcolm), Malcolm resorts to his last hope and calls Father Doug Williams (Cedric the Entertainer) to conduct an exorcism. There's a few good sketches here but nothing to justify a feature length film.