Meet Robert Wheeler, international rock star

This photo of Wheeler ran in the Sandusky Register
  • This photo of Wheeler ran in the Sandusky Register

It would be one thing if David Thomas, the oversized singer of art rockers Pere Ubu were recognized while walking down the street. Usually dressed in a black trench coat, the guy has a distinctive look. And he lumbers as much as he walks, making it easy to pick him out of a crowd. But keyboardist Robert Wheeler? Not sure how (or why) anyone would stop him on the street. But in this feature story about him and the new Ubu album that came out earlier this month, he tells the Sandusky Register that it has happened to him on numerous occasions. One guy in Italy even wanted to take a photo with Wheeler. While the members of Ubu live throughout Europe and the States, Wheeler, who also runs the Edison Birthplace Museum in Milan, lives in Northeast Ohio and plays in the Cleveland-based Home and Garden, a group that gigs regularly here in town.