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Readers sound off on The Breakfast Club, the Port Authority and more

On: "Video: Hall and Oates go Hardcore"

This Was Fucking Genius!


That was just as lame as every other Mike Polk video.


On: "Breakfast Club Plays Final Show With Longtime Lead Singer"

Wow, Jeff... Sorry your rock star dreams didn't come true. Don't take it out on other people with real talent though... Perhaps you're the one that needs to try something new, my man. Get some class.

Kassady Oberacker

Jealous much?

Terri Crispin

All you haters should quit your music mag "critique" and cashier at Radio Shack jobs and try to develop a talent at some form of musical expression - then reality would set in. Rock on Dave, I respect you for still doing what you love for a living.

Giovanni Michael Mastro

There is ZERO talent in being in a cover band! You are making money off of somebody elses work! That isnt hating, that is fact! I have been in several very prominent original bands in cleveland since the mid 90's. I know first hand, cover bands are a joke.

Nick Perry

On: "FirstEnergy Wins Naming Rights to Browns Stadium"

Shouldn't the money go to the city or county since the Browns don't own the stadium? Let's see how much this new owner is going to squeeze us for section 149 row 26 PSLs? Instead of naming a football stadium FIRST ENERGY should lower our electric bills or fix Davis Bess nuke plant.


Part of MY Tax money paid for that Sports Palace, so I expect a return in MY pocketbook if they were to sell the name. Where's my $$$ bitch? Trashcan man Frankie Poo Inaction Jackson would be a fool (as if he already isn't) to let this occur. If this really happens, does that mean I can sell the naming rights to buildings downtown?


On: "The Dredge Report"

Very thankful for reporters like Michael Roberts and Cleveland Scene shining the light of truth on this self-serving group. Not surprisingly the Pee Dee and Crain's promoted the PA levy.

The Port Authority has been allowed to pursue their futile course and soak up property tax revenues for more than two decades because it has become political slush fund for unrelated pet projects.

Cuyahoga County has too many other needs to tolerate continued subsidies for unfocused public agencies headed in the wrong direction. Reform is needed now to de-politicize the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority. Reform should start with a complete overhaul of the Port Authority Board.

Though CUYAHOGA COUNTY voters soundly defeated the Cleveland Port Authority's plea for a 400% property tax INCREASE--the highest tax increase in their history, rumor has it, the Port Authority WILL TRY AGAIN THIS SPRING to put another PROPERTY TAX INCREASE on the ballot.

Well, REMEMBER THIS IF THEY DO (and even if they don't)

In this press release dated just weeks after their failed attempt to get millions more of taxpayer's money, the Port Authority stated: "operating REVENUES are expected to INCREASE 18 percent next year, and the Port will be positioned to TARGET more resources to strategic initiatives WITHOUT SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASING overall operating expenditures"

Mary O'Malley