Vaya Con Dios, Brah: Great Lakes Releases Surf-Themed Beer

Young, dumb, and full of JESUS ITS FREEZING
  • Young, dumb, and full of JESUS IT'S FREEZING

We're super amped about the impending release of Great Lakes' seasonal(ly inappropriate) surf-themed beer, Alchemy Hour Double IPA. According to GLBC’s press release, “alchemy hour” is the time of day when waves are sicker than usual; the label art features a lone surfer goofy-footing an uncharacteristically gnarly North Coast wave. This being Cleveland, there are, like, alchemical runes studding the lake and tawny sky (hey, you know you’ve seen weirder shit wash ashore at Edgewater).

The thrill of crushing a righteous crest is an experience alien to most Clevelanders (though I'd applaud and possibly marry you if you repurposed a Lake Erie ice floe as a boogie board), but you’ll at least be able to get behind Alchemy Hour’s invigorating hop content and respectably robust ABV. The new draft will be available on tap at Great Lakes’ Ohio City Brewpub this Thursday at 5 pm and will ship to stores in a little over a week. So hop on over to GLBC (geddit?) to score a pint, but you gotta be aggro, broham — the crowd might be brutal.