Steubenville City Councilman Discusses City's Charming Character

Steubenville City Council. Their city is really quite nice, dont ya know?!
  • Steubenville City Council. Their city is really quite nice, don't ya know?!
As the tsunami of rightfully negative press continues swelling in Steubenville, at least one city leader has taken to YouTube to try to brand the city as not so much a hellhole, but a charming hellhole.

The whole bit is expected to become a series, in fact. (*shudder*)

The Steubenville Facts YouTube account, as WEWS points out, has posted one video so far. It bounces off the city's blog, which was started Jan. 5 in an effort to "disseminate the most accurate information about a recent case involving sexual assault charges pending against two juveniles in Steubenville." The video, meanwhile, is a (terribly edited) clip of Councilman Kenny Davis rambling on about how the rest of the world just doesn't understand the city's woes. He goes on to describe the city's government as altruistic and concerned.

"To accuse us of turning our back is just unheard of," he says as the video abruptly cuts to an empty background of wood grain. "Please note that we are a very caring, very God-fearing, very family-oriented community. And one bad apple doesn't spoil the bunch."

One bad apple will, however, kidnap and rape the bunch, as we've all learned.

So should the city be hanged for the accusations leveled against two high school students? Meh. It's already got plenty of squalor and corruption; why not continue the trend?