Cleveland's Beach Regime Releases Halloween-Themed Benefit Single

Courtesy of Beach Regime
A few weeks ago, the local indie rock act Beach Regime cut “Please Hex Me,” a new Halloween-themed single, at its own studio. A conversation with a friend inspired the track.

“A friend of mine was talking about doing a blood ritual with some other people — I'm not sure their intent — and I got the funny notion in my head of having someone sort of possessing you through black magic, very ‘I Put a Spell on You’ vibe except I wanted to write it from the perspective of the person being enchanted," says front man Stephen Arthur. "Though the possessed at first is reluctant and fights, eventually they embrace their soul's captivity and learn to love it. So really it's a love song because I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic at heart."

With its reverb-drenched guitars, the song possesses a particularly spooky vibe.

"Stephen wrote and demoed the thing real fast and sent it to [guitarist] Jvizzle [Vasvary] and me, and we got behind it real quick with some ideas to make the song really slap,” says drummer Robert Putney. “He was keen about getting it out as fast as possible, and we concurred. There are ten thousand and one bad Christmas songs out there, but who writes Halloween music? Nobody! It's something we could get more behind! We enjoy eerie, creepy tunes and it complements our various styles as well as the season."

Since October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month, the band decided to donate the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

"My mom is a two-time breast cancer survivor, and the strongest person I know, we are all a bunch of mama's boys,” Vasvary says. “I suggested we use any profits from the song and donate it to breast cancer research to help end this terrible affliction. Hopefully, going forward, we can try to release a Halloween single every year for charitable causes."

The song is streaming on all major services, and it can be purchased for digital download through the band's web site.

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