Mentor Students: Please Chill Out With The Threats Of Violence

It's been kind of a bad week for Mentor Public Schools. A keen reddit user pointed out that there have been three threats of violence since Feb. 14.

And Mentor Patch reports a fourth threat cropped up on social media. Police are patrolling Shore Middle School today.

Superintendent Matthew Miller addressed the concerns in a letter to the community:

"With your help we would like to remind all of our students of how serious these threats are and that they will not be tolerated. Students who are caught making threats will not only face the most serious consequences possible by the school district including expulsion, but will likely face criminal charges as well. A charge of inducing panic, for example, is a second degree felony."

In unsettlingly related news, Chardon High School officials spoke out today, one year after that school's tragic shooting. Lawyers for shooter T.J. Lane are currently working out a plea deal, according to reports.