Ohio Rep. Bill Johnson Calls for Moment of Silence for 63 Million Mostly Alive Americans Who Contributed to Trump Losing Popular Vote

There have been some batshit-insane moments in the impeachment proceedings in the U.S. House of Representatives, and Rep. Bill Johnson (Ohio) will not be a finalist for most-memorable moment, but he did make the top 137 or so today, the day when President Donald Trump was impeached. For today, Johnson asked for a moment of silence for the 63 million Trump 2016 voters, most of whom are most definitely still alive, and who represented a popular vote lower than that of Hillary Clinton's, during today's floor debate leading up to the impeachment of that guy.

(It should also go without saying that Johnson either doesn't know or doesn't care about lying about what disenfranchisement means. Also, it's definitely the latter, if you were wondering.)