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Readers sound off on Waterloo and more

On: "High-Profile Chef Divulges Plans for Waterloo Restaurant"

Why the negativity? Get a life! I for one am thrilled to see Collinwood booming. I have been driving up to the Beachland since 2001 and love seeing this area grow. Thanks to forward thinking people for making Cleveland and the Collinwood area my favorite place to be!

Nancy Wasen

Would be great to include some vegan options. CLE has enough bacon, pork, beef temples. The region has such gorgeous produce. Why not celebrate it more? Maybe something like a Jivamuktea Cafe in NYC?

Kathleen Nemeth

On: "W. 65th: Not Just For Crack Deals and Drag Racing"

The best location in Cuyahoga County is Newburgh Heights. Centrally located with excellent highway access, cycling distance to downtown, independence, towpath access, Tremont and Ohio City. A hyper vigilant police department. Metro park managed; 9 hole golf course, driving range, softball diamond, sand volley ball court, soccer field and picnic pavilion.

John Dobeck

It's sad that this area is over run with prostitutes, crack dealers, thugs etc. Ohio City has enjoyed a healthy influx of middle class white Yuppies looking for affordable housing. Tremont has also been reborn , What I don't understand is if we know these area's are havens for criminal activity why don't the police. It's a shame a person is considered a racist when the obvious is pointed out. How can we ever reclaim these places if it's not safe and frankly Detroit ave is not safe good luck .

Edward Givens

I've been going to the neighborhood that is now called Gordan Square for over 25 years, and I've never experienced any crime. For a long time, some stretches looked pretty empty and even scary at night, but again, I've never had a problem. It's now clearly one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city and will only get better, as long as the national economy doesn't tank.


On: "Passion Pit, Matt & Kim Cancel Show Because of Illness"

Flash forward to May: Kiss FM is no longer playing Passion Pit. Matt & Kim are not scheduled for the new show. Tickets are being sold on StubHub for the price of Indians bleacher seats.


On: "The Cleveland Infants And Other Outmoded Baseball Team Names"

The Cleveland Blues! This is by far the best historical option. Why was it left out? They were the Cleveland Blues from 1882-84, right between being the Forest Cities and the Spiders. What's more, when they were the Spiders, their nickname was still the Blues.

Reviving that name would be perfect because the franchise has always prominently featured the blue color, nomatter the name. The uniforms could be mostly unchanged. The "C" hat would still work. And could you imagine the battle of Ohio, the Blues vs. the Reds? That would be awesome!

Jeff McDonough