East Coast Custard, Now Open for the Season


Spring has arrived a whole lot earlier then even Punxsutawney Phil predicted. That's because East Coast Custard has re-opened for the season.

Today both the Fairview Park and the Parma Heights locations' custard machines are in full swing. Opening March 1st is not just by happenstance. "March is chocolate month!", exclaims owner Ivan Platt.

In their twenty eighth season, East Coast Custard is stepping up their game when it comes to chocolate custard. Platt skillfully designed March's custard flavors to capitalize on the sweet and savory craze sweeping the nation. Chocolate-covered fries, chocolate-covered potato chips and chocolate-covered pretzels highlight the richness of chocolate custard with the saltiness of our everyday snacks.

Not forgetting the King, the chocolate Elvis swirl custard uses fresh banana custard with a peanut butter swirl and a chocolate custard base. Even if you are not a chocolate lover, East Coast Custard still will offer their stand by house flavors along with an array of daily made custards, shakes and sundaes. Another addition to the East Coast Custard family is a fleet of ice cream trucks. "We now have three catering trucks that cover all three counties of Northeast Ohio," says Platt. These trucks service everything from weddings to corporate functions. All I want to know is how do we get this truck in our driveway?