Cedar Point is Offering Free Admission May 2-3, But There's a Catch, of Course

Photo via Craig Lloyd/Flickr
In honor of its 150th anniversary, Cedar Point is offering free admission to its park prior to its official season opener on May 9 for what they're calling the Just For Fun Weekend.

Come May 2 and 3, people who've RSVP'd online for the event weekend can enter the Sandusky amusement park for free. However, rides are not free. Anyone wanting to, you know, ride a ride, will need to sign up and pay $20.20 in advance. No tickets will be available the day of the event.

For both days, park hours are noon to 6 p.m.

The attractions available during that weekend are:
-Blue Streak
-Wicked Twister
-Kiddy Kingdom
-Planet Snoopy
-Cadillac Cars
-Cedar Downs
-Ocean Motion
-Sky Ride
-Tiki Twirl

This year's brand new ride, the Snake River Expedition, will not be available during the free pre-season days.

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