Ghosts of Devil's Swamp, an LBM and Saucisson Pop-Up Event in Slavic Village

On March 19, 20 and 21, LBM bar in Lakewood and Saucisson in Slavic Village, will team up to host a creative event honoring a great Southern tradition: the haunting of Devil's Swamp in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

“People in New Orleans and Louisiana itself, especially the natives, have heard the majority of these legends a hundred times growing up – especially the Rougarou, since it keeps kids in line!,” explains co-organizer John Gibian of LBM. “It's kind of like the Lake Eerie Monster and the Gore Orphanage for Cleveland, but with a little more 'gusto' to it since that's what New Orleans does best!”

The event will “pop up” at 5 p.m. for three days only in a haunted (okay, vacant) storefront adjacent to Saucisson. The space (5322 Fleet Ave.) will be transformed into an “evil and eerie tiki experience” that will take inspiration from the Louisiana Bayou. Guests will be immersed in a haunted swamp adventure complete with treasure maps pointing the way to clues and rewards like cocktails and provisions. Some lucky seekers will walk away with Lafitte's buried treasure and one ultimate prize (spoiler: it is not the Philosopher's Stone).

Local artist Chialla Geib is creating the treasure-map style menus that lead the way. Each cocktail is an original tiki-style cocktail based on an urban legend of the Louisiana Bayou, ranging from the Occult to Werewolves and Vampires. Saucisson will be crafting a seafood-focused, Cajun-style feast with items like etouffee poutine, jambalaya with smoked chicken and tasso ham, critterless gumbo and other options.

There is no entry fee as drinks and food items will be sold a la carte. This is a 21-and-over event so bring ID.

“It's such a cool event in our minds because we get to play with ideas and themes that are different from our flagship,” Gibian says. “We get to learn about incredible stories and urban legends, translate them into food and cocktail ideas, and create an immersive experience for guests.”

LBM will still be in service during these hours.

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