The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless Has Started Emergency Fund to Help Vulnerable Population

Photo via YouTube
In an effort to help homeless Ohioians during the coronavirus spread, the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless is asking for Clevelanders to consider donating to its emergency response fund. 

The fund will work to provide housing for those already affected by the virus, as well as help people on the verge of homelessness and other needs as the emerge.

"We combine direct service with advocacy and we need your to support to do it," the coalition's executive director Christopher Knestrick said in an email. "I know it is a hard time to ask for money but I ask not for ourselves but for our people living through this with no place to lay their head at night."

The NEOCH and its partners need the following items:
-hand sanitizer
-baby wipes
-toilet paper
-paper towels
-bottled water
-self-opening canned items
-other ready-to-eat items

To arrange a time drop-off these items, email [email protected] or 216-432-0540.

Monetary donations can also be made right here.

The homeless population is especially vulnerable during the pandemic, public health officials have noted. The CDC has also released a list of ways for communities and individuals to help.

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