Local Rockers MOSSOM Team Up with Rapper Floco Torres on New Single

Local Rockers MOSSOM Team Up with Rapper Floco Torres on New Single
Courtesy of MOSSOM
The local rock band MOSSOM and rapper Floco Torres have teamed up to record “Keep Calm,” a single that speaks to our troubled times. The song takes its inspiration from a Keep Calm and Carry On motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939 in preparation for World War II.

The poster was intended to raise the British public's morale, but the poster was only rarely publicly displayed and was little known until a copy was rediscovered in 2000 at Barter Books, a bookshop in Alnwick.

The collaborative song made its debut last week on 91.3 the Summit. Available as a Bandcamp exclusive pre-release, the Helmet-meets-Rage Against the Machine track will be released on Friday across all major streaming platforms.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Cleveland by Rob Kress at Pixie House Studios (PHS), the tune marks MOSSOM’s debut collaboration with Akron-based hip-hop poet and writer Floco Torres.

MOSSOM's David Allen Moss calls the song “a prog-hop PSA.” The two met when Moss interviewed Torres as part of the Wake Up Call podcast he hosts in partnership with Cleveland Creative Mornings. The two hit it off and soon after connected at the band’s studio in Waterloo Arts District to cut a demo.

"MOSSOM's style has always bridging between musical genres," says MOSSOM drummer Russ Herbert in a press release.

"I'm just honored to be a part of the song and release something that I feel says how we all feel about the challenges in front of us. I think its important right now to be as deliberate with your art as you can, and I think we did that,” says Torres.

Moss and Kress, who handled production duties, set a goal to capture a sense of "unleashed urgency," and the pair worked in tandem on three different mixes, blending both current news clips with vintage soundbites from a “Duck and Cover” PSA to create what can be described as a compelling "bombtrack."

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