Indie Rockers the Modern Electric Launch Cleveland Verses Foundation to Support Local Venues and Musicians

Earlier this week, the local indie rock band the Modern Electric announced that it has launched Cleveland Verses Foundation, a non-profit designed to provide financial help for local performers and venue employees who can no longer return to work because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The mission is to “provide an outlet for musicians in the Cleveland music scene to benefit their community with their artistic talents, rather than with money.”

As part of its fundraising efforts, Cleveland Verses asks that local artists submit a recording of a unique Bob Dylan cover for inclusion on a charity album. The Modern Electric have already recorded a cover of “Queen Jane Approximately.”

Other local acts involved in the project are some of Cleveland’s best bands, including Welshly Arms, Mr. Gnome, Herzog, Madeline Finn, John’s Little Sister and Niights.

Cleveland Verses Foundation will offer one-of-a-kind items donated by local musicians to the organization's online marketplace. You can expect to find test pressings, paintings, signed instruments and more. Proceeds from every purchase and donation will support Cleveland Verses’ charitable mission.

"Our foundation practices responsive grant-making meaning that each year, funds raised through donations, the sale of albums, merchandise, and events will be granted to a local nonprofit whose mission supports a pressing issue in our city," reads a press release. "This year’s focus is Cleveland vs. COVID-19, but the charity can shift its fundraising annually toward other important issues affecting the local community. By supporting Cleveland Verses, music-makers and music-lovers can have a far greater impact together than any of us could have alone."

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